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区域化用英语怎么说?regionalize (动词)regionalization (名词)

regionalizing是什么意思regionalize 英 ['riːdʒənəlaɪz]美 ['ri:dʒənəlaiz]vt. 使地区化;

Coregionalized GP predict documentation (multipleImplicitly, this means that for a given output (which is specified by output_index, right?) I

GPy.tests() fails on Windows 32bit python 2.7-开源Fixed in the 0.8.8 release which is now available via pip.

Update GCR scripts-开源项目-CSDN问答Now with regional prod repos, rather than the single one. That is a commit of its own, just

英语高手帮我翻译一下下面这段话!急!!!we must assurance the different packing designs fit world-wide customs, regionalize & personalize the packing design, that wh

哪位英语高手帮我翻译一下下面这段话。谢谢!有些人,像我双鱼座,看似温柔,但下一个邪恶的心外表遮住了,你知道吗?Constellation of Brutal Degree星座的野蛮程度 1ST:

英语常见的前缀后缀所表达的意思一.表示否定的前缀 1.dis-加在名词、形容词,动词之前。disadvantage(缺点)dishonorable(不光彩的)disagree(不同意)2.in-

英语词汇ize,?ise,?yze,?yse 以…方式对待,…化 realize实现 analyze分析 modernize现 代化 less 没有…的 fearless无畏的 useless无用

英语的点缀语都有那些?急^^^1.Is your chart complete now too?2.Shall I start?3.Do you need any more information?4.In my pictrue/chart there is/

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